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Sunway Delivers Raya Cheer to Kajang Women’s Prison Amidst RMCO

Kajang,19 June 2020

Much like the entire Malaysia, the community of 1,700 in Kajang Women’s Prison had a very different Hari Raya celebration this year.

Due to the implementation of Movement Control Order, the women experienced a quieter festive season than usual as visits from family and friends were not allowed. On normal days, they were also required to attend skills training workshops on a daily basis as well as produce batik, clothes, floor mats, pastries to be sold to the public as part of the women’s vocational training skills programme. However, these sessions were all cancelled due to MCO.

The plight of the community had caught Sunway’s attention, who had included the Kajang Women’s Prison Community as one of its beneficiary groups for its annual #SunwayforGood Raya Cheer activities. 

Today, packed lunches and toiletries were delivered for the women and the Group also showed much needed support for the women’s vocational activities by purchasing the Raya cookies made by the prison inmates as Hari Raya gifts for the community. 

Sunway Group Deputy Executive Chairman Tan Sri Datuk Seri Razman M. Hashim, who stewards the #SunwayforGood initiatives aimed at driving the Group’s sustainable development imperative explained, “We are supportive of the Kajang Women’s Prison’s unique vocational skills training programme as it is a meaningful initiative that truly changes lives for the better. Initiatives such as these contribute towards a society that leaves no one behind – the ultimate purpose of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Kajang Women’s Prison Director, PKK Lim Kim Mooi who received Sunway’s contribution on behalf of the community at the Kajang Women’s Prison, elaborated, “Sunway is the first and only conglomerate to deliver Raya Cheer during this RMCO, as well as showing support for the women came at a time when the community needed it the most.”

The vocational training programme was introduced in 2007 and plays an important part of the community’s re-integration into the society upon their release. Under the programme, the women learn useful and marketable skills that allow them to be independent, such as batik painting and printing, hair styling, massages and facials, reflexology, cake and pastry making, catering, craft work, tailoring, as well as graphic design. These skills training workshops are open to the women who have completed their rehabilitation programmes, which include spiritual or group counselling and motivational talks conducted by non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Apart from skills training, the women who are illiterate are also taught to read and write. 

“This Hari Raya was especially difficult for the women as the much awaited festive visitations from family and friends had been temporarily halted due to the Movement Control Order. There’s not much to take their mind off things as the workshops had come to a standstill as a result of the MCO. We received very little orders this year. Needless to say, Sunway’s efforts to support the women’s activities are much appreciated as it allows the women to continue their vocational skills training. The thoughtful gifts of the packed lunches definitely have also brightened up their spirits, bringing much cheer to an otherwise, much quieter Hari Raya for our women,” Lim added. 

The initiative is part of the Group’s #SunwayforGood Raya Cheer programme that has reached a total of more than 9,000 beneficiaries this year, with more than RM 200,000 invested in uplifting communities in need.  

In addition to bringing cheer to the prison inmates, in Klang Valley, Sunway had delivered a total of 6,500 packets of specially prepared bubur lambuk to the frontline workers, essential service staff, and B40 families nationwide during the month of Ramadhan. The Group had also delivered gifts, including new clothes, groceries, duit raya, vitamin C packs, sanitisers and specially baked cookies to 170 caretakers and children across four orphanages courtesy of Sunway Malls, Sunway Property and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. The four orphanages are Pusat Jagaaan Nur Barakah, Pusat Jagaan Baitus Sofwah, Pusar Pengurusan Al-Firdaus and Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House of Love).  

In Ipoh, Sunway had also delivered packed meals prepared by the chefs of Sunway Lost World of Tambun to more than 350 beneficiaries, who were seeking temporary shelter during MCO at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh. 

Similarly in Johor, Sunway Iskandar partnered with Malaysian Red Crescent’s National Committee for Community Services & Health to prepare and deliver packed meals to some 900 beneficiaries, who are seeking temporary shelter at Kem Wawasan Negara Gunung Pulai, Johor. Celebrating inclusivity in the multicultural country Malaysia, meals were distributed to all beneficiaries, regardless of race and gender.

Sunway is committed to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, which pursues sustainable development that aims to leaves no one behind. Sunway runs initiatives for people, planet and economic progress under the #SunwayforGood banner. Initiatives under #SunwayforGood were initially targeted to aid at least 65,000 beneficiaries this year. Sunway is pleased to announce that the #SunwayforGood initiatives had benefitted more than 160,000 beneficiaries nationwide thus far, in collaboration with various NGOs and non profit organisations.


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